July 26, 2022

How can digitisation and transparency bring greater consumer confidence into the NSW Construction industry? How can we enable future growth and resilience in the industry while achieving greater trustworthiness?

We invited the New South Wales Building Commissioner - David Chandler OAM to share his views on the future of the construction industry in NSW and the role trustworthiness will play in it.

During the event, we launched KPMG Origin's Building Trustworthy Indicator (BTI) – a market-led digital product that differentiates trustworthy and non-trustworthy buildings based on materials, certificates and participants of a project.

Our panel had representatives from Mirvac, ASX, Office of the Building Commissioner and Western Sydney University who shared their journey in helping KPMG develop the product and collaborate on this industry transformation.

The event was attended by industry leaders, government officials and technology companies in the field.

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In collaboration with:

WSU Western Sydney University